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Shipping with Lightspeed "Its Easy"

For high volume shippers and regular users of delivery services, we have a wide range of tools to facilitate your shipments. For a simple pickup and delivery order, shipping with LightSpeed Delivery can be as easy as A-B-C:

1.Get Shipping Options
Simply tell us what you're shipping and where you want it to go, and we'll do the rest. Based on your input, we'll give you a complete range of shipping alternatives. If you have special needs (Need it across town in an hour? Across the country today?) just tell us and we'll figure out how to get it done.

2.Make a Choice
Choose the shipping option best for you, click on it, and your package is just about out the door.

3.Order your shipment
We'll provide you with brief, step-by-step instructions for you to send your package on its way. If you choose to use an LightSpeed Delivery affiliate, you'll be able to order the shipment right from our site. If you choose another option, we'll put you in touch directly with them. Either way, you can rest assured that you've reviewed a full range of options before making your choice.

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