Our goal at LightSpeed Delivery is to make shipping simple, quick, effective, and informative. We believe it should be simple to review all of your shipping options before deciding which is best for you.

We also think you should easily be able to let your customers track, on-line, the items you are sending to them. And, if you are a high volume user of various express delivery services, we don’t think you should have to wade through a maze of carrier invoices or go to different web sites to order or track your shipments.

At LightSpeed Delivery, we make shipping simpler. By giving you access to your options on a single page, you can make the best choice to meet your time and pricing requirements each and every time. We’ll give you a single page for tracking your inbound and outbound shipments, regardless of when or where it was sent. And we will give you the ability to provide your customer a single link for tracking their inbound parcels, regardless

Why should I use Lightspeed Delivery

Our goal is to make your life simple. Well, at least as it relates to shipping, anyway. From our one site you’ll be able to:

  • Quickly and easily compare a complete range of shipping rates and carriers, choose the one that’s right for you, and send your package on its way.
  • Find solutions for your special requirements – say you need to get something across town in an hour or across the country today – we can help you out.
  • Track and manage all of your shipments, even if you didn’t ship them from our site.
  • Customize LightSpeed Delivery to reflect your personal preferences.
  • View real-time delivery status and performance statistics for LightSpeed Delivery partner carriers.